Netent and Microgaming: The Bigger Brand

Gambling has been a part of the human race for a very long time and during the length of years, people have been gambling in different ways from street dice to playing at a grand casino. You can even find out more about the history and evolution of gambling at the top-netentcasinos site.

Online Gambling and Online Casinos

For many years, players were into playing at grand casinos as these were the epitome of gambling at the time. However, as time went by, players began to switch focus to the online gambling industry, which in turn created the big industry. Check out to learn more about the online gambling industry

As it stands, there are a lot of online casinos popping up every day in the industry and after many years, players can now enjoy a host of online casino games. In addition to that, it is even quite easy for players to play on mobile, tablet or desktop devices depending on their preference.

The Netent Brand

When it comes to online gambling, there are a few names that bare mentioning and among them is Netent. If you are a fan of top-notch online casino games, then, it is important that you have heard about Netent. This is because it is the biggest brand you will find in the online gambling industry.

The company has developed a lot of online casino games from the beginning and since the start, there are a lot of games registered to the brand. To make things better, players enjoy playing casino games from this brand. So, if you are new, this is a very good choice to get started with.

Microgaming: The Overview

Just like Netent, Microgaming is a big name in the online gambling industry that has been around since the start of the online gambling industry. The casino game development brand was once said to be the biggest brand in the industry because of its huge reputation. Below are some casinos that you can play Microgaming casino games.

  • Casumo Casino
  • Malina Casino
  • LeoVegas

In addition to that, the company has a huge collection of online casino games that you can enjoy on your mobile device, desktop or tablet. As long as you have a strong internet connection, you can get started for free or a chance to win real money. You can even play jackpot games for a chance to win big.


Comparing the two brands

As it stands, both brands have been known to develop a huge collection of casino games from the start of the online gambling industry. In addition to the huge collection of casino games, players get to play games from these developers from a host online casinos that are well-known in the online gambling industry.

It does not end there as the two brands goal is to ensure that players have easier access to casino games which will, in turn, guarantee better gaming for players. All in all, this is what you will get when you choose an online casino approved by both brands in the online gambling industry.

Our Final Verdict

We can boldly conclude that Netent is a big brand in the online gambling industry and so is Microgaming. In that case, it is quite hard to say which brand is bigger between the two. However, from our research, we conclude that Netent is bigger than Microgaming as it stands in the community.

We came to this conclusion because Netent currently has a wider portfolio compared to Microgaming and its portfolio. As a result, more online casinos currently choose the Netent brand over Microgaming. So, if you are new to the online gambling industry, you will need to get started with the Netent brand if you want the best.